We were invited to give live to the story through the sense of TOUCH in this incredible short directed by Jerusha & Jared Hess, Written by Chris Bowman & Hubbel Palmer, produced by Miles Romney,  a @makeitmastly production.

For this animation, we thought about how a visually impaired person can perceive the world through their touch sense, and how important are the shapes and the textures as the way to learn about the world. That's why we thought of a narrative where the most important thing was to represent the feelings of our main character through a simplified color palette and minimum amount of shapes that could create visual metaphors that could be transformed from one moment to another, flowing through his own dialogue.

For us is super important to go deep in what we wanted to project, communicate or feel and all the decisions among art and animation answers to these guides. So in this case as we were talking about the touch I wanted an art that with the minimum amount of shapes could tell us the story transforming from one moment to another, flowing with the animation. So for me this was the clue to decide to make a cell or traditional animation (2D) , because with this technique we could have this flow and organic but at the same time clumsy movements. As the movements we can make with our hands while having all the emotions our main character has.
For all these we use adobe photoshop for the art, but also for the frame by frame sequences and for all the composite we use after effects.

Creative, art & animation director: Gabriela Badillo
Art: Enrique Sañudo
Animation: Enrique Sañudo, Cristina Lugo, Tamara Cruz, Rubén Morales, Adriana Arvizu
Project Manager: Melissa López Ley

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