Basado en un cuento tojolabal de tradición oral.
Lengua: Tojolabal, Chiapas

Traducción y locución Pedro Hernández
Ilustrador Enrique Sañudo
Producción COMBO
Dirección Creativa Gabriela Badillo
Animación Cris Lugo, Paula Zamudio
Música Igor Figueroa
Diseño de Audio Wetback / Igor Figueroa

Versión tojolabal
Ja b’ajlami sok ja chulchuli
Jun k’ak’uj, ja yajni wan b’ejyel ek’ b’a yoj k’ul ja b’ajlami ti och xiwuka´ ja yajni yab’ jas wan ch’iriruki. 
Wan xiwel, ti och sk’el jasunk’iluka sok ti yila´a ja jas xch’iriri´i ti wa xchiknajijan b’a yib’el jun spowil te´ ti wan jijlel ja mi chulchuli´.
Mi skits’a ja janek’ sniwani sok ja janek’ ja yipi, ja b’ajlami´ ti lewani´a b’a oj smak’ sb’aj sok ja mi chulchuli´, jaxa mi chulchuli´ mi xiwi ti yala´ ke leka. 
Ti spayawe´ ja yamigo´e´i. Ja b’a b’ajlami´ ti yi´ajan ja choj sok ja ok’ili sok ja k’ujlal chitami sok ja lobo´i, jaxa ja mi chulchuli´ ti spaya jana´ ja xchajnul ako´i sok ja tantik usi sok ja tantik jonoxi.
Ja b’ajlami sok ja yamigo jumasa´ mini wanuke´ xiwela´ ja yajni och ya´ sb’aje´i, pe ja yajni och yamjuke´, ti och spak-e´ ajnela´, ja yajni och k’uxjuke´ yuj ja mi chulchuli sok ja yamigo jumasa´.
Jachni k’ulajiye´ ganara ja niwakil chante´ jumasa´ jawi, yuj ja mi chulchuli sok ja yal yamigo jumasa´.
Jach wa xcholowe´ ja tojol-ab’al jumasa´.

English Version
The Tiger and The Grasshopper
One day, while walking around the mountain, the tiger was startled by a loud noise. 
Scared, he looked around to find where the noise had come from and discovered a grasshopper resting underneath a leaf.
The tiger, confident of his size and power, challenged the little insect to a fight and he calmly agreed.
Each animal called its friends. The tiger had the lion, the coyote, the razorback and the wolf by his side; while the grasshopper called the wasps, mosquitos and bumblebees to join him.
The tiger and its friends were overconfident about winning; however, they ran away as fast as their enemies stung them all over.
That’s how those big animals were defeated by the grasshopper and its small friends.
That’s how Tojolabales tell it.
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